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I’m an experienced photographer and have travelled Australia throughout my life and the outback extensively over the last 23 years. I stepped away from a regular office job 13 years ago to travel to the more remote places on this vast continent to record my adventures.

Included in my travels are the Deserts of Australia, Cape York, the Kimberley, Flinders Ranges, Central Australia, Tasmania, many outback towns and most of the coast of Australia. My main photographic focuses are landscapes, people, macro photography, and unusual objects.

A Canon 6D full frame and 350D crop DSLR camera record my images, primarily using top of the range lenses. I use a Canon D20 Point & Shoot camera to get a feel for a subject.

Many of my best images are enhanced using post processing software and I have sold numerous images from the websites below. In addition, a number of my articles and photos have been published in lifestyle magazines and I have won a number of photographic competitions for my work. I have also been invited to talk about photography at a number of functions.

In 2009 I joined Liz Cuming, a recognised Australian artist in a tour company called Out There Outback as photographer and tour leader. The tour company ran many trips for artists, art lovers and photographers over the years. It allowed them to get a hands on feel for the outback and all it has to offer and provided them with the opportunity to explore and express their artistic creativity.

Currently I’m working for Australia Post as a postie on an electric vehicle.

You can contact me through my Facebook Page:-

All of my images can be purchased from my Red Bubble Gallery either framed or imprinted on various types of merchandise or images only from Alamy. They make great gifts.
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This is a link to a map showing many of the trips I have completed:-

I have also made a number of video clips covering a broad range of topics. They can be viewed here:-

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